From August 18th, 1998 through May 18th, 1999 Tammy Norie circumnavigated the Atlantic with an intrepid crew of three: Mike Rowland, his daughter Shifra, and his nephew Joel. This trip was different from Mike and Joel's earlier trip to Ireland and Spain for many reasons, but one of the most significant to the folks back home was that for this trip we had e-mail.

As such there is a collected body of correspondence and log entries that were sent out and posted on a friend's website for people to keep track of us (this was only just before the days of blogging). Although that website is now defunct, a quick thinking archivist allowed us to save all of those logs and bring them to you here.

A full nine month's worth of letters, stories, and pictures is now organized by region; please click on the section of the map below that you want to know more about, or follow the links at the bottom of the page, and enjoy!

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